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Colesberg with its rich history from the 1800s boasts with beautiful old Karoo houses full of character and architectural-and historical value. The architecture is a mixture of Georgian and Cape Dutch that reflect the turn of the century. Homeowners do their best to preserve the heritage and character of the town.

Some prospective buyers are on the lookout for these old homes full of character to restore them to their former glory. For the buyer with the preference of newer more modern homes there is a selection to choose from on the south side of the town.


The location of Colesberg in South Africa and along the N1 ensures that development does not stagnate and that there is constant progress. Development in the residential as well as in the business sector is in the order of the day. You will find a lot of new developments in the main street of Colesberg.

Well-known and recognised brands established themselves here in the last few years and prospects look good for others to follow. With all this in mind you can't help having a positive outlook over the leasing and property market.

You can sleep a few nights in your accommodation unit or decide to become a permanent resident of town.

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