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Medical information

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Things are happening in Colesberg!

Date: 23 April 2002 | Source: Communications Directorate

As we all know that most of our areas have serious health problems and our provincial government committed itself to a better life for all. Our Premier in his opening of Parliament Speech mentioned it that more clinics will be build in our areas, so the events of the 23rd April 2002 bared testimony to that particular announcement that was made by the Premier in his address. Also to note that the progress that is taking place in Colesberg Is also the implementation party of the resolutions that were taken at the 1998 ANC Provincial Conference about development in Colesberg. Vuyo Falata gibing the details.

Development is moving in Colesberg, there are projects that are about to be finished like the Premiers Office One Stop Center, Love life Youth Center situated right at Kuyasa Township, New Police Station also in Kuyasa and there is also a sports complex that will be built soon funded by Department Sports, Arts and Culture, To add to this the Premier in his address at the main event mentioned that soon 200 young people and women will start a cleaning project to keep the town clean, and this will be also deal with the unemployment rate problem that is experienced in this municipal area.

Lowryville Clinic Sod Turning

In the Lowryville site the MEC for Road, Transport and Public Works, Mr. J. Block made the keynote address touched on the role of the parents that they must play in giving guidance to their children about the seriousness and dangers of HIV/AIDS, The Premier then unveiled the name board and turned the sod. Then MEC for Health, Ms. E. D Peters, the Premier Manne Dipico and Mandoze the musician planted trees at the site.

Kuyasa Clinic Sod Turning

The MEC for Health Ms. Peters dealt with the keynote address in this site emphasizing on the involvement of our communities making it a point that our clinics are taken care of and they are not vandalized. ” Our people my have the ownership of these clinics. On the issue of employment when coming to the construction of these projects she clearly stated it that strictly people of Colesberg must benefit from these job, no contractors from outside, she emphasized.

The Premier Unveiled the name board and made the sod turning, then MEC for Health Ms. Peters, the Premier Mr. Nico from Bloemfontein Universal Hospital and Mandoza planted trees at the site.

Announcement of a R20 million Project at the Umsobomvu Hospital Site

Date: 23 April 2002 | Source: Communications Directorate

The Mayor of Umsobomvu Municipality Mr. M. K Mfazwe officially welcomed everyone in his Municipality especially the Premier and said, ” It Is an honor for us to have this historic day here in Colesberg as these projects will create jobs and also boost the economy of the municipality as a whole. We all know that this town and this municipality is really having the potential to grow, so theese projects that are becoming a reality to these communities are giving us a positive note that there is hope na d things are happening, so I welcome you all.”

The Premier started his keynote address at the main event by saying ” Heita Colesburg, Heita “.
” It is indeed a day of jubilation and excitement as we turn the sod for new Health facilities to be built in Colesberg that will improve the quality of the Health of all our people In this area. The new facilities will provide an opportunity for a new platform for good clinical interventions and therefore better quality health care for our people. It will take time for us to turn the tide of many decades of oppression and subjugation. But, it will be through efforts such as these where we consciously, deliberately and programmatically reconstruct our society for a better quality of live. We must remember that this hard fought freedom came at a heavy price of those who sacrificed their lives for us to be free.”

” The women of Colesberg will have access to qualitative maternal and child health services. My appeal to you is to visit these facilities even for early detection of breast and cervical cancer. The new Colesberg hospital will also help to provide quality services for trauma from N1 and N9.”

” One of the other problems with Colesberg hospital was its location creating problems of accessibility to the majority who needed it most. To make sure that patients do not travel long distances to De Aar and Kimberley for In emergencies our government made an agreement with Universal hospital of Bloemfontein, so that patients from Colesberg can be admitted there, which is nearer for their families to visit and also cheaper. Ladies and Gentlemen, more than R17.5 million will be spent to build the hospital and +-R1 million for the clinics,” he concluded.

The Premier unveiled the name board and made the sod turning, then the tree planting was made by MEC Peters, the Premier, Mr. Nico Bloemfontein Universal Hospital and Mandoza.

In between the speeches as we all know that in these events we also make sure that we give our local artists exposure the Noupoort Gospel Choir surprised the audience by singing for them few songs from the new CD that will be launched soon. To mention Vuyo Mbuli from Morning Live who was the Director of Ceremony for the day, Mandoza and the other local groups were really impressed by this Gospel Group performance.

After the formal session Mandoza took over the stand with his famous tunes Nkalakatha and 50/50. Then Rebecca Malope gave the audience the last round.

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